Roma | Medeber-Teatro

The best of all possible worlds is a place where every human being can feel free. Free to think and act, where the condition of shame is erased. Theatre, through the instrument of play, allows us to learn how to handle this freedom of thought-action.

Medeber Teatro proposes theatre workshops aimed at supporting the development of the 

emotional sphere as well as a concrete reinforcement of the Italian language, aimed at the children aged between 5 and 13.


Phonetic objective – working on the specific phonetic articulation of the Italian language.

Cultural objective – transmission of materials from the Italian artistic and literary heritage.

Relational/communication objective – using the theatre tool to develop communication and socialisation skills in Italian.


The theatre tool is important for educating communication both on a verbal level (body/voice connection) and on a non-verbal level (body/space relationship).

More specifically, the project will develop two thematic paths to be proposed within the workshops, according to the interest and age range of the participants.

The workshops will focus on italian literary repertory, spanning from classical poetry to contemporary children literature as well as on the subjects what I like what I dislike. 

Through poetry participants will be invited to explore the development of the Italian language throughout history in a playful, rhythmic and theatrical way.

The poetic textual material will be accompanied by a work of scenic creation starting from the words of the children themselves. Starting from the theme “what I like/what I dislike”, the aim of the workshop will be to draw the participants’ attention to their belonging to a specific time and place. By reading their own and their classmates’ imagery, the boys and girls will be guided in composing a public presentation of their work. The final outcome will be shared with the parents, subject to current restrictions. If a live presentation is not possible, the work will be presented in video format.