Pratical Vocation | Medeber-Teatro

Practical Vocation is a choreographic piece about the potential of a body to transform space. A body explores what lies before and after a boundary: how it can be transformed, inhabited and appropriated to the point of disintegration. A voice speaks of how the anatomy of this body contains the possibility of breaking free from the rigid architecture of borders that surrounds it. In a crescendo of play and exploration, the body finds a way to completely reshape and merge with a new landscape. It is the end of a tragedy and the beginning of a new great enterprise.

Practical Vocation was developed as part of a five-year research period into the reading of contemporary migration by Western audiences, which included three months of field research in Eritrea, Africa. The work is also strongly inspired by Giorgio Agamben’s philosophical project Homo Sacer.

The idea of the border is the main inspiration for the piece. In relation to migration policies, we also emphasise the potential of bodies to impact on the existing physical or cultural spaces they pass through and inhabit, and to challenge existing structures. Is the ability of humans to create shelter and homes the first real act of resistance against political and economic borders?

Une production de Medeber Teatro
Mise en scène Martufi | Moraca
Corps Francesco Moraca
Mots et voix Serenella Martufi 
Durée : 40 min