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Literacy Act

Medeber Teatro is part of the LiteracyAct project initiated by Erasmus+ which brings together several European partners with the aim of collecting and sharing various pedagogical knowledge and skills. The aim of this project is to develop and implement methods of teaching language to adult migrants, through the medium of theatre, with a view to combating literacy, exchanging culture and learning in order to include migrants in our societies.

Alongside our partners, several workshops and workshops have been carried out online in an effort to share, gather and systematise ideas and information useful to the educational objectives to be achieved. Other activities are planned as a continuation of the project, including Migrant Spectators. In partnership with the association Lire et Ecrire Bruxelles and the Red Cross reception centre in Uccle, Medeber Teatro will organise theatre trips with migrants.

LiteracyAct, an Erasmus+ project, in partnership with : Sozia Label e.V. (Germany), Storie di Mondi Possibili (Italy) – ULearn Education Centre (Cyprus), Mobilizing Expertise (Sweden), ASINITAS (Italy).

More information on the project website.