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❝When entering the territory of which Eutropia is the capital, the traveler sees not one city but many, of equal size and not unlike one another, scattered over a vast rolling plateau. Eutropia is not one, but all these cities together; only one is inhabited at a time, the others are empty; and this process is carried out in rotation…
Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities 

URBE – Urbanisme Émotionnel is an experiment. An experiment to cut through the city with ever-changing eyes, changing ears, words, of one, of many, of many more to come.

This small exhibition is the first outcome of the experiment
36 photos 

to discover

to match together

to shuffle 

and reshuffle 

to project every time a different perception of the city. 

Of this city, where 9 teenagers spent 11 weeks looking for something that spoke of them, of their past, of their present and of the leap into the future that awaits them… here, there, everywhere. 

For this experiment we asked to look at the city with the whole body, not just with the eye inside the camera. Concepts such as speed, balance, focus, composition became at once the way to capture what’s outside but also to express what moves us across the city from the inside. We always started in a circle, and at each session we opened it up a little bit more.  We first let in the light, then it was the colours, the shapes, the contrasts, the sounds, the smells, and bit by bit we pieced together a map…

Here it is our ever-changing map, it’s for you. You can follow it from afar, or from up close, with logic or with your guts, with awareness or blissful ignorance, it’s your choice. That’s what matters for us, having the choice, the choice to decide how to look, how to move, how and if and when to speak… 

Ahmad, Anita, Dem, Emma, Emma-Blu, Hedayat, Mohammed, Sarwar, Yolan❞

A project by Medeber Teatro and Diego Ravier, only made possible with the help of our partners: Vzw AIF+, La Concertation, Sint Gillis Service Jeunesse, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie and Fonds Triodos.

– 2021 edition

Inscription ‘Poiesis’

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🇫🇷🇬🇧🇮🇹 Our Theatre, Movement and Poetry workshops for adults – called Poiesis – will return in September. They will again be given weekly at La Maison Poème, located at 30 Rue d’Écosse. The Monday class is already full, but there is still room for the Tuesday class, which runs from 7-9pm. The courses are given […]

Parcours d’artistes

by Serenella, le Wednesday June 8th, 2022

Medeber Teatro recently participated in the Parcours d’artistes of Saint-Gilles and Enghien. During the one in Saint-Gilles, which took place in May 2022, the works of the participants of the 2021 edition of our socio-educational workshop URBE Ateliers were presented in collaboration with the non-profit organization Itinéraires Amo, in their building located at Place Morichar […]

Poiesis – 18.6.22

by Serenella, le

Medeber Teatro presents the closing performance of the students of its Poiesis theater workshop. Inspired by the work of Eritrean artist Dawit L. Petros and more specifically by his photograph Untitled (Prologue II), the structure of their creative process was built on the themes conveyed by the photographer in his works, evoking the journey and […]

À contre courant

by Serenella, le Thursday December 30th, 2021

On Friday 28 January 2022, Medeber Teatro will take over the Théâtre de la Parole as part of their festival À contre courant. A festival of encounters around current societal issues in connection with popular education. Medeber Teatro proposes a writing workshop for eyes and voices, to dialogue with the void, with the images that populate it, […]

Bonnes fêtes 2022

by Serenella, le

Medeber Teatro vous souhaite de joyeux fêtes sous le signe de l’utopie. L’utopie, on le sait, ou plutôt, on l’a appris, ou on est toujours en train de l’apprendre… ne s’annonce pas ! Elle se crée jour après jour par des petits gestes, par des mots forts, des actions précises, des graffitis éloquents, des dialogues […]

Migrant Spectators

by Serenella, le Sunday December 5th, 2021

In the framework of the European project LiteracyAct initiated by Erasmus+, Medeber Teatro is launching “Migrant Spectators” in Brussels for the 2021-2022 season, based on an initiative set up by the association ASINITAS in Italy, our association’s partner in LiteracyAct. The objective of this project is to create an editorial team of 8 to 10 […]