Bruxelles | Medeber-Teatro

Medeber Teatro proposes, through the experience of the theatre workshop a concrete tool for poetic production that focuses on the body/voice as a means through which to coin universal forms of expression.

Each appointment lasts about 2 hours (with a short break) and consists of the following phases:

  • Physical and vocal training with methodologies elaborated from physical theatre and contemporary dance
  • Improvisation on texts and movement scores
  • Individual and collective creation with text and movement
  • Dramaturgical composition of materials created together

The workshops have a final outcome of public presentation.

We invite participants to wear comfortable clothes suitable for body movement.

Workshop Poiesis : Monday 19h-21h for beginners (€450) / Tuesday 19h-21h for advanced adults(€450)
Poetry and drama workshops focusing on physical and vocal expression (taught in Italien, French and English).