Bouche à oreille | Medeber-Teatro

de bouche à oreille – doorfluistertje is a participatory performance that uses the dynamics of the wireless telephone game, but in a poetic and multilingual way. The idea is that someone whispers something in your ear in an unknown language, and you have to repeat it…

de bouche à oreille – doorfluistertje was a way for us to meet the city of Brussels, where we moved a few years ago. From the beginning we were fascinated by the coexistence in this city of many different souls, linguistically, culturally, but also from a social point of view and in relation to the way of living the city. As our research always aims at creating a dialogue with the space and territory around us, we looked for a way to interact with the Brussels variety through one of our favourite tools: poetry.

In our professional background, which we brought from London where we used to live, there was a little game we used to play during rehearsals, whispering poems in our mother tongue to the comrades who did not speak our language. And we realised that here in Brussels this game could become something more: a device for creating relationships based on meeting and sharing one’s own literary and linguistic heritage.