About | Medeber-Teatro

Medeber Teatro is a performative, pedagogical and theoretical research project on theatre and poetry. The activities of our theatre company take place on several levels, offering shows, participative performances and weekly and occasional workshops in theatre, movement and poetry. We use poetry as a means to create original spaces for interaction and sharing with the public. Through poetry, we seek to stimulate the public’s appropriation of its creativity and imagination in order to transform reality or at least to look at it from a different perspective.

The name Medeber comes from a caravanserai in the city of Asmara in Eritrea, where every day waste is transformed and put to a new use through the collective work and creation of the market community.

This image of bodies at work transforming matter corresponds to our idea of theatre, where bodies collectively transform matter and images through a collective work of creation, poiesis, poetry…

still from from here to there, London 2015

Reality is relationship. In quantum mechanics,
there is no reality without a relationship between physical systems.
It is not the things that enter into a relation but the relation
that generates the notion of “thing”.

Carlo Rovelli « La réalité n’est pas ce qu’elle semble »